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Welcome to Danville’s Hot Summer Sundays Car Show! We appreciate your participation. Listed below are a few rules and regulations for our show that ensure your safety and that of our guests …

1. All Show Cars ‘MUST’ stay until 4 P.M. (no exceptions!)

2. All exit points will be blocked until 4 P.M.

3. All Show Car Owners must sign Waiver of Liability.

4. Street Drinking is prohibited and violators will be sited.

5. Please return to your cars by 4P.M. for departure.

6. Make sure your name card w/cell number is placed on your dash board. We will use this to notify you if you aren’t at your car by 4 P.M. If we unable to reach you, your car will be towed.

7.No speeding, burning rubber, loud stereos or reeving of engines allowed!

8. Your patience in Staging is requested should there be unavoidable delays. For your safety within the Town limits, there are bomb K9 teams canvassing all the downtown streets.

9. If you experience the needfor any help, flag down our yellow shirted volunteers or Danville Police for assistance. Our head quarter booth is located at Diablo and HartzAve.

9. Our Collector T-Shirt booth is also on Diablo and Hartz Ave.

10. Our VIP Show Staff will be selecting 25 Lucky Recipients to be awarded our ‘Town Choice Award’. We will present this right at your car some 

Thanks for joining us this year…We hope that you and your families enjoy our car show.

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